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Perry Mansfield MD, FRCSC

Dr. Perry Mansfield specializes in diseases related to skull base/head and neck surgery. His mission is to inspire hope, expand the health and well-being of each patient with skull base disease, by providing personalized optimal care through integrated clinical practice and research.

In addition to his medical endeavors, he is the president and founder of a life sciences company that is focused on the development of novel technologies in the diagnostic and therapeutic medical arena. He is CEO and founder of Amerisleep Diagnostics, providing an array of facility-based and portable sleep testing solutions. In addition, Mansfield is co-founder of Precious Metals, a vintage car dealership restoring, selling, and servicing vintage exotic automobiles.  He sits on numerous corporate and philanthropic boards including the USO, Steven Prewitt Skull Base Disease Foundation, and the San Diego Air and Space Museum.

Peter Geyser

Administrative and Technical Support Specialist

Peter Geyser has vast experience in the rapidly evolving field of consumer electronics and information technology. He strongly believes that technology should not be an impenetrable maze in which only a select few possess the knowledge to navigate its murkiness. Rather, technology should be intuitive, democratic, and transparent.

Starting as a technician and moving into a management and administrative role, Geyser has gained insight into the varied needs of the many users of tech. Working with individuals and businesses alike, he has been able to draw upon his breadth of knowledge to make concrete suggestions on how technology can be used in a more natural and efficient way. He brings with him a vision that technology usage in a business setting should be as straightforward and reflexive as it is in our daily personal lives.

Margie Kuoha


Margie Kuoha has extensive knowledge in accounting, operations, and financial management. She has a flair for tackling the complexities of each individual client’s unique business needs and delivering tailored solutions and guidance.

She began her career in her teens working in government finance and after a long stint began her own financial and accounting business. She then served as the Head of Operations for the House of Hospitality in Balboa Park. Her accomplishments in this role include helping to oversee restoration of the building in 1997, which won awards from the National Trust for Historic Preservation as well as the City of San Diego. Now, as MSAI controller, in charge of bookkeeping as well as any and all financial reporting and tax needs, the companies under her purview span a wide variety of of industries including biotechnology, medicine, property management, automotive sales/restoration, nonprofits, and more.

In her off time, Margie is passionate about baseball, classical music, travel, and her family.

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